Warning! June 12 2012 – Deportation hearing of Ugandan authorities in Berlin!

Ein Beitrag von Lara Ge

Warning! June 12 2012 – Deportation hearing of Ugandan authorities in Berlin!

Dear all, on Tuesday, 12th of June 2012 (and maybe some more days before and after) the Ugandan Embassy officials will hold a mass hearing to identify Ugandan Asylum seekers for the purpose of issuing travel documents to deport them.

The whole procedure takes place at “Landesamt für Bürger- und Ordnungsangelegenheiten”, Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24, Berlin.

Warning: It is clear that the only purpose of an embassy hearing is issuing travelling documents for deportations!

The experience of the past has shown that many of those who attended an embassy hearing with the Ugandan embassy got deported soon afterwards! Attending an embassy hearing with the Ugandan embassy is only for your own deportation!

Don’t support your own deportation! Don’t attend an embassy hearing unless a lawyer is with you! Police might pick people at their home addresses to bring them to a Ugandan embassy hearing by force!

Be careful, don’t let them pick you! First: You should NOT sign any document proving your identity or your country of origin unless a lawyer is with you! Such a paper can be used to issue travelling documents for deportation without any other evidences or documents.

What is the problem with an embassy hearing? What is happening there? Usually, authorities send out letters through which people are asked to come to an embassy hearing for reasons that are not clearly specified. Sometimes, the authorities threaten to revoke the „Duldung“ if the refugees don’t attend the embassy hearing. This is partly wrong because the authorities HAVE TO prolong the “Duldung” if they cannot deport somebody.

During the embassy hearing, refugees will be questioned by Ugandan embassy officials in order to confirm their assumed Ugandan origin based on their language, their accents or specific words they use. Besides this, embassy officials can also arbitrarily “identify” someone to be Ugandan based on general appearance, the shape of his/her face, traditional scars etc.! It has also been reported that not only Ugandans, but also asylum seekers from other African countries have been invited to embassy hearings with the Ugandan embassy to deport them to Uganda as well. It has to be clear: Don’t trust the Ugandan embassy officials, even if they offer to help you! You should also know that the embassy officials receive money from the German authorities for every refugee that is invited and finally issued a travel document.

Which consequences might happen to you if you go to an embassy hearing?

Those attending an embassy hearing might be issued papers of identification and, if so, soon afterwards, they will be deported. Not attending an embassy hearing can stop deportation! Many refugees who refused attending an embassy hearing were able to stop their own deportation successfully and to win time to find alternative solutions for their own situation. Possibility of penalties for refusing to take part in an embassy hearing or for not talking with the embassy officials: It’s a matter of fact that if you refuse to attend an embassy hearing and/or to talk with the embassy officials, you can get penalties such as cuts of your social welfare money.

The authorities could also take away your working permission or you could get a restriction of your „Residenzpflicht“. However, many people still don’t receive any penalty and often, these penalties are given only for a limited period of time.

The authorities don’t have the right to punish you if you can present a medical certificate proving that you are so seriously ill that you cannot participate in an embassy hearing! Concerning the question of penalties, we ask you to contact us and/or your lawyer!


Police can pick people at their places!! Police might try to arrest you at your place and bring you directly to the Ugandan embassy hearing by force, especially if you have already refused to take part in such an interview. This can happen to you even if you didn’t receive any official invitation for the embassy interview! At previous occasions, the police picked people to bring them to Ugandan embassy hearings from cities all over Germany.

Be careful, don’t let them pick you, call your lawyer and/or contact us! Therefore, our advice is: Do not take part in an embassy hearing and don’t talk any word with Ugandan embassy officials unless a lawyer is with you! Be careful not to be picked by force! Get in touch with people and groups that support you!

Get in touch with us to get to know more about embassy hearings, tell us about your experiences. Inform other people about the deportation hearing and the possible consequences! Let’s come together and protest against deportation hearings!

Contact the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants:

e-mail: caravane-munich@zeromail.org (Munich Caravan group) / thevoice_bdw@yahoo.de (The Voice Refugee Forum BW)

websites: www.carava.net / www.thecaravan.org / www.thevoiceforum.org



Über Regina Drescher

Absolventin der Humboldt- Universität Berlin 1984 als Diplom-Ingenieurin. Ausbildung als Betriebsleiter. Ein Semester angewandte Psychologie. Erfahrung als Sozialarbeiterin, Bereich Jugendclubs. Ausgestattet mit rationalem Denkvermögen und emotionalen Eigenschaften. Dies ermöglicht mir eine gewisse soziale Kompetenz und Liebe zur Natur, den respektvollen Umgang mit ihr und den Wunsch nach Schutz vor weiterer Zerstörung des Menschen für alle Lebewesen.
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